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The first 36 minutes, Ronaldo volley 30 meters in front, hugged by Howard ball grazed the turf. The first 40 minutes, both players show up pay, Argentina referee pithana fall ball match. The first 42 minutes, Portugal back-pointers, Ronaldo left, shift break attracted cover to the right side, Nani edge of a low shot by Howard, then Nani was put down by Bedoya,  nike free run 2 pas cher   Ronaldo in front 23-meter penalty kick high. The first 45 minutes, Moutinho pass, Nani could right their shot hit the near post from 25 meters! ED in front of 13 metres shot by Howard returned one-hand bar!

Portugal 5 first half shots on frames range, has exceeded the last round game against Germany games (4). The second half, William replaced Andre Almeida Carvalho. The 48 minute, Nani's cross from the right flank guard clearance kick to  nike free 3.0 v4 femme  a teammate, and ED in front of 13 metres higher side hook shots in the air. On 51 minutes, Meireles left pass ed in front of 16 meters turn and low shot at the near post.

United States 55 minute almost drew level, Johnson into the right side of the penalty area, abandoned Beto knocked back the bottom line of the door seal angle, Bradley in front of the 7-meter line before the push in the door of Kos Tower leg damage! On 62 minutes, Ed back-pointers, Cristiano Ronaldo into the right side of the penalty area from the 11-meter shot off the  nike free run 3 femme    near post. United States the 64th minute tied the score! Susie right side corner, Jones got the ball out after Nani, play excellent Curveball at 26 meters in front pasted the far post into the net, 1:1. Jones to participate in United States this session 2 of 3 goals (1 in, 1 assists).

On 66 minutes, Nani's cross from the right by Howard out, points from 10 metres after Meireles slicing is topped off with Howard's near post! Varela substitute Raul Meireles, Portugal runs out of quota of substitutions. Jedlin replaced Bedoya. The 74 minute, Nani strong inrush zu West fell on the right side of the area, pithana did not interrupt the game. Jones then uprooting Moutinho, by yellow. The first 80 minutes, Moutinho knocked back down, Nani frontier left foot shot higher.

United States the 81st minute go-ahead score! Jones, midfielder straight, knocked back the end of bench Jedlin under the right side of the penalty area, Bradley in front of 12 metres left foot to push the line changes line, Susie left wing low cross,   nike free 5.0 pas cher  Dempsey in front of 2 metres from the belly ball inside the door, 2:1. Portugal complaint offside, but the slow motion have not offside. It was Dempsey 4th World Cup goal, only record less than compatriot Donovan to keep North America 1.

Dempsey was wengduoluofusiji replaced. On 89 minutes, Moutinho right-hand side flip shot, Ronaldo teammate Ed interference in front of 7 meters headed off the right post. 4 minute in injury time, d Los cables pass, nike free run pas cher     Ronaldo headed against the right post. Portugal faced losing out, but just before the final whistle, Ronaldo right arc cross Varela dots 7 meters after top scoring, 2:2! 1 last round, Portugal and Germany each win, Portugal is out of line.

Portugal (4-3-3): 22-Beto/21-Joao-Pereira, 13-Ricardo Costa, 2-nu Novo Alves, 19-Andre Almeida (46'6-– William Carvalho) Los/4-dimension cable, 8-Moutinho, 16-Raul Meireles (69'18-Varela)/17-Nani, 23-Helder Postiga (17'11-ED), 7-C Ronaldo (Captain)

United States (4-2-3-1): Howard/23-1-Fabian Johnson, 20-Cameron, 5-Besley, 7 Beasley/15 Ms bekkerman, 13-Jones,/11-Bedoya (72'2-Jedlin), 4-Bradley, 19-Susie/8-Clint Dempsey (Captain) (87'18-wengduoluofusiji)

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