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Brazil group match in Group h of the World Cup second-round game at the stadium of Porto Alegre, beilaliao fighting Korea squad against Algeria. 26 and 28 minutes, Korea team lost the first two balls for 38 minutes, Gaby, extending the lead. For 50 minutes, Korea 1th foot shot by Sun Xingmin finale, the whole team. 62 minutes, score bulaximi. 72 minutes,    air jordan 3 kaufen     with Che pulled another goal of HIV/AIDS. Finally Korea 2-4 defeat by Algeria, the Group 2 matches 1-1 only 1 minute before qualifying for worrying.

In a first round group match, Korea 1-1 draw with Russia, Algeria 1-2 defeat by Belgium; the battle both sides need to win to win qualification hopes. Korea team  air jordan 13 kaufen  continues the opener against Russia starting configuration, while Algeria had made 5 position adjustment.

On 62 minutes, Algeria scored again – Fei Guli and budaximi play fluent passing for two, budaximi low shot to the left of the area went from Zheng Chenglong legs and into the goal, the score becomes a 4-1. Korea squad immediately made adjustments, sent opener against Russia scored Lee Gen-HO. On 67 minutes, Korea team Sun Xingmin Bugera rapid uprooting,   air jordan 1 kaufen  who received a yellow card; moments later Han Guorong flying spade also received yellow cards. On 72 minutes, Korea and finale – Jin Xinyu high header ferry, Sun Xingmin forward goal was blocked by Bugera, Lee Gen-Ho cross on the left front, with HIV/AIDS zhe outflank the break, the score becomes a 2-4.

Korea team appearances lineup: 1-Zheng Chenglong; 3-Yin Xirong, and 5-Jin Yingquan, and 20-Hong Zhenghao, and 12-Li ; 16-sent Cheng Yong,  air jordan 4 kaufen  and 14-Han Guorong (78 minutes, 19-Chi Dongyuan); 9-Sun Xingmin, and 13-with HIV/AIDS Zhe, and 17-Leaguers (64 minutes, 11-Lee Gen-Ho); 10-puzhuyong (58 minutes, 18-Jin Xinyu)

Algeria team lineup: 23-mubulexi; 20-Mandy,  air jordan 12 kaufen   2-gharra (89 minutes, 4-beierkalun), 5-haliqie, 6-Mei Siba; 11-budaximi (77 minutes, 8-CEN), 12-Mei Yani, 13-Sulaymaniyah, 14-bentalaibu; 10-Fei Guli, 18-Gabe (74 minutes, 9-Djilas)

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